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"I hate the man who sends his food down by claiming he doesn't know what he eats! ... I doubt his taste in more important things."

Charles Lamb

The CAPRI Restaurant adheres to and promotes A.T.G.I. and its mission for the protection of Italian taste in respect of the consumer against food fraud.


Italian Restaurant Capri


A simple and welcoming Italian restaurant in the center of Bratislava, the best way to relax and spend moments of good food or just relaxing with one of our selected Italian wines.

The flavor of the dishes starts from the quality of the products used. Fresh, genuine, from their place of origin. Health and prevention begin at the table. The Mediterranean diet is famous throughout the world for the quality of the products that are used and at the Italian Restaurant Capri in Bratislava we wanted to combine quality and tradition to give you the best of Italian cuisine, without compromise.

Authentic Italian Restaurant